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CorDEX ToughPIX 2303XP Explosion Proof Digital Camera for Hazardous (Vapour) Areas

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Brand: CorDEX

Model: ToughPIX 2303XP

CorDEX ToughPIX 2303XP Explosion Proof Digital Camera is designed and certified with the professional inspector in mind. ToughPIX 2303XP is ATEX certified Ex I/II 2/M2 G /Ex d I Mb/EX d IIC T4 Gb, for use in hazardous areas both above and below ground.

CorDEX ToughPIX 2303XP uses a rugged, IP54 design and brings together the ability to capture still images at a resolution of up to 10 megapixels along with onboard movie capture capability in one easy to use device.

For close up and wide area photography, the CorDEX ToughPIX 2303XP is supplied complete with interchangeable lens kit, including two lenses as standard; macro and wide angle.


Also as standard, the CorDEX ToughPIX 2303XP is supplied with two illumination options for low light working conditions and incorporates red-eye reduction for still image and movie capture. The high intensity strobe flash enables wide area illumination for still shots whilst the removable low intensity LED lamp is designed for close up shots and movie capture.




  • Certified for Petrochemical and mining, explosive areas (vapour) atmospheres         -Ex I/II 2/M2 G /Ex d I Mb/ EX d IIC T4 Gb
  • Large easy access controls
  • High intensity strobe flash and attachable LED Lamp for low light conditions and close up photography
  • Hard wearing, corrosion resistant casing with armoured LCD screen
  • Removable battery pack interchangeable with other CorDEX Instruments