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GW Instek GFC-8010H Counter

gfc 8010h
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Brand: GW Instek

Model: GFC-8010H

GW Instek GFC-8010H performs virtually most of the counting measurements required in laboratories, in terms of both period and frequency. 8 digits LED display with distinctive red color and overflow indicator provides fast and clear view. Easy operation with all functions neatly organized on the front panel, compact size suitable for both portable and bench-top usage, the GFC-8010H serves users as a handy reference. 



  • 1Hz ~ 120MHz Range
  • 8 Digits Display (0.3"LED)
  • 15mV rms High Sensitivity
  • 5PPM High Stability Time Base
  • Frequency and Period Measurement
  • Low Pass Filter Function
  • Over-Flow Indicator