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Megger MTDR300 3-Phase Time Domain Reflectometer

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Brand: Megger

Model: MTDR300

The Megger MTDR300 Time Domain Reflectometer is a stand-alone 3-phase TDR, designed to find faults in cable networks, using LV and HV methods and techniques.


Used in conjunction with an impulse generator and arc reflection filter, (HV methods) the Megger MTDR300 provides Arc Reflection, Arc Reflection Plus, Differential Arc Reflection, Impulse Current, Loop-on Loop-off and with a dc source Voltage Decay modes of fault location.

The Megger MTDR300 is operated from the mains or from its integrated re-chargeable battery, with operation being via a single jog-dial and an intuitive menu system. The large colour uncluttered colour display aides rapid, accurate and safe fault location.

The MTDR300 offer a number of new features that provides an ideal solution for a variety applications.



  • 3-phase Operation
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Ability to pre-set default settings in all modes
  • Battery and Mains operation
  • Range >55km/34miles (TDR)
  • Range >220km/137miles (Transient)
  • Auto-Ranging “Find end of Cable”
  • Auto-Fault Find “Cursor to Fault”
  • Single Jog-Dial Operation via User Friendly menus
  • Large 10.4” (26.4mm) full XGA colour display
  • Rugged, Robust Field Proven Case