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OFIL UVOlle Corona Camera

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Brand: OFIL

Model: UVOlle

UVollé is a range of compact ligh weight daylight corona cameras, specially designed to be handy and ready for daily use.

UVollé range is attractive to distribution and substations maintenance teams.

Cameras are bi-spectral UV-Visible, set for inspection, detection and capture of nearby corona and arcing phenomena in full daylight.

UVollé's dimensions, features and mode of operation make it an ideal basic tool for every predictive maintenance assignment and in every electrical maintenance toolbox. The inspected scene is displayed on a color LCD while the findings are captured and stored on a removable memory card.

With UVollé you can anticipate electrical system failures before they occur.



Main Features

  • Light and compact, handheld
  • High luminous color LCD
  • Joystick control
  • Long operating hours batteries - more than 3 hours
  • UV events counter
  • Spot, shoot and store
  • Full solar blind
  • Still pictures and Video clips recording (Vi model)