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SebaKMT CI Cable Identifier

Brand: SebaKMT

Model: CI

The SebaKMT CI Cable Identification system has been developed for even easier and ...

SebaKMT digiPHONE+

Brand: SebaKMT

Model: digiPHONE+

The innovation in pinpointing: the new SebaKMT digiPHONE+, the new silence ...

SebaKMT EZ-Thump

Brand: SebaKMT

Model: EZ-Thump

SebaKMT EZ-Thump- The fast and convenient solution for immediate on-site fault ...

SebaKMT HPA 100 AC Testing Systems

Brand: SebaKMT

Model: HPA 100

SebaKMT HPA 100 is a powerful High-Voltage test system, can be equipped with a ...

SebaKMT HV Test Set 50/80/110

Brand: SebaKMT

Model: HV Test Set 50/80/110

The SebaKMT HV 50/80/110 is a portable HV test set for DC voltage testing of ...

SebaKMT MFM 10 Sheath Fault Auto System

Brand: SebaKMT

Model: MFM 10

SebaKMT MFM 10 Sheath Fault Location System with bi-polar voltage drop method ...

SebaKMT Surgeflex 32 Mobile System

Brand: SebaKMT

Model: SFX 32

The SebaKMT Surgeflex 32 is a mobile system for portable cable test and fault ...

Megger MTDR300 3-Phase Time Domain Reflectometer

Brand: Megger

Model: MTDR300

The Megger MTDR300 3-phase Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) is designed to ...

Megger ST16 Portable Cable Fault Location System

Brand: Megger

Model: ST16

The SMART THUMP ST16 Portable Cable Fault Locating System provides safe, ...

Megger L1070 and L1071 Portable Locators

Brand: Megger

Model: L1070 and L1071

Megger L1070 and L1071 Portable Cable Locators

Megger AccuTrace Cable Route Tracer

Brand: Megger

Model: AccuTrace

The AccuTrace Cable Route Tracer consists of a transmitter, which energizes the ...

Megger PFL22M1500 Power Cable Fault Locator

Brand: Megger

Model: PFL22M1500

Megger PFL22M1500 Power Fault Locator System is designed to meet power industry ...

Megger TDR1000/3 & TDR1000/3P TIme Domain Reflectometers

Brand: Megger

Model: TDR1000/3 & TDR1000/3P

Megger TDR1000/3 & TDR1000/3P is a hand held, compact Time Domain Reflectometer ...

Megger TDR2000/2P Time Domain Reflectometer

Brand: Megger

Model: TDR2000/2P

The Megger TDR2000/2P is a state of the art, Monochrome dual channel Time Domain ...

Radiodetection CAT4 & Genny Cable Avoidance Test Set

cat4&genny bg

Brand: Radiodetection

Model: CAT4 and Genny

The C.A.T4™ and Genny4™ range represents the latest evolution of the highly ...

Radiodetection RD7000+ Utility Cable & Pipe Locator

rd7000 locator sm

Brand: Radiodetection

Model: RD7000+

Featuring Compass and dynamic overload protection, the RD7000+ range delivers ...

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