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Radiodetection RD8000+ Universal Precision Cable & Pipe Locator

rd8000 sm

Brand: Radiodetection

Model: RD8000+

The multifunctional RD8000 range are Radiodetection’s most advanced pipe and ...

Amprobe AT-1000 Advance Wire Tracer

at 1000 pdt%20pic sm

Brand: Amprobe

Model: AT-1000

Amprobe AT-1000, the first tier advanced circuit tracer for basic applications ...

Amprobe AT-2005 Advance Wire Tracer

at 2005 pdt%20pic big

Brand: Amprobe

Model: AT-2005

Amprobe AT-2005 Advance Wire Tracer Kit Contains: R-2000 Receiver, S-2600 ...

Amprobe AT-4000CON series of Advanced Wire Tracers

at 4001conm pdt sm

Brand: Amprobe

Model: AT-4001CON, AT-4003CON, AT-4004CON, AT-4005CON

Amprobe AT-4000CON series of new and improved advanced tracers comes in 4 ...

Megger MIG16-2 Impulse Generator and HV Test System

megger mig16 2

Brand: Megger

Model: MIG16-2

The Megger MIG16-2 Impulse Generator and HV Test SystemImpulse Generator ...

Megger BITE2 & BITE2P Battery Test Sets


Brand: Megger

Model: BITE2 & BITE2P

The BITE 2 and BITE 2P Battery Impedance Test Equipment determine the condition ...

Megger BITE3 Battery Test Set

bite3 small

Brand: Megger

Model: BITE3

The Megger BITE3 determines the health of lead-acid cells up to 2000 Ah by ...

Programma Torkel 820 Battery Load

torkel 820a

Brand: Programma

Model: Torkel 820

PROGRAMMA TORKEL 820 features a unique design that combines efficiency with ...

Programma Torkel 840 & 860 Battery Load

torkel 860

Brand: Programma

Model: Torkel 840 & 860

TORKEL 840 - UTILITY is used for battery systems ranging from 12 to 250 V – ...

B&K Precision 600 Battery Capacity Analyzer


Brand: B&K Precision

Model: 600

B&K Precision 600 12V SLA Battery Capacity Analyzer is the perfect instrument ...

Hioki 3554 Hand-Held Battery HiTester


Brand: Hioki

Model: 3554

Hioki 3554 Hand-Held Battery HiTester is a Complete Diagnosis of UPS Batteries ...

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